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圖書資訊處 Office of Library and Information Services


    The Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)was established in April 2015. OLIS includes information services and a library, and it is the first level administrative department of our school. The mission of OLIS is to provide library and information services to our faculty and students. 
Library Service
    As a professional financial management college, our library provides for the needs of for supplying all professional financial knowledge, and it supports the academic research and teaching materials with various databases and a large collection of books. Our goal is to become the best professional financial library in southern Taiwan. Our library currently has a collection of approximately 300,000 books (including electronic books), with the main collection focusing on the financial areas according to the recommendations of the international financial experts and professionals. In the future, we will join the e-Learning Program of the Department of Education to provide distance education resources. 
Information Service
    The Information Center’s responsibilities are to create and maintain the school network systems for teaching, research, and administrative services. The mission of Information Center is to create a friendly e-campus system at our school for all faculty, staff, and students. 

Digital Media Services

    Responsible for documenting all events and activities for public use in the future and to promote digital technology learning for the student body. The establishment of the Executive Committee of Digital Media is (1) to record CTBC events and activites and to put together as documentary for future usage as collateral material and (2) to promote digital learning within the campus and collaborate with other courses and digital affairs.